Tale of pink sea sails

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Sunday, 16 March 2014


SAFFRON - Sacrifice
WHITE – Pure
GREEN – Kindness
BLUE – Loyalty
RED – warning
PINK - ??????????

Well .... what does the colour pink stand for ? Of course every time we see something in pink we remember “GIRLS” “WOMEN”!!! So is this the reason pink is described as such a weak & girly colour?

I have a pink phone panel , pink wallet , pink lip gloss , pink headphones , pink shoes , pink handbag , most of my outfits are pink , my nails are painted pink , the walls of my room are painted pink ...... oh my !!! its just pink all over . But why should this mean I'm weak & girly ?! Is it because 'pink' stands for 'women' the weaklings of the society?

Since ancient times women have always been ranked as second-rate citizens world wide . Even developed countries are not free from such a presumption. It sometimes makes me wonder if equality & respect for women are only limited to books. Are our women really free to express their views ? Are they treated in par with men ? No . Not yet .

We live in a men-dominated society where we want to limit our women to cooking , household & baby care. The only women respected are the women who allow their strings to be pulled like a puppet or the ones who allow themselves to be treated like a programmable robot with no say to control.If a girl tries to remain independent and says that she cannot give up her life and career she is considered as a dominating brat , demanding & selfish. By the end of the day it's the woman who has to step into the man's shoes.

How many countries have had a woman president ? How many countries have had women who have made it to the top in the corporate or business world ? Instead we still notice an increase in rape & suicide cases among women , dowry system , abortion of girl child & child marriage just to get rid off the girl who is considered as a major burden to the family.

The empowerment of women can only begin with their participation in different spheres of life. Our sons grow up to become doctors , engineers or work for multinational companies but why are our daughters limited to basic degrees & marriage ? After all these decades women have only been fighting for equal rights , equal pay & an equal position. Women need economical independence for which education is the only solution.

A girl sailing away in search of tomorrow on every shore with girly pink sails learning to develop problem solving skills, battling uncontrollable winds & rough waves .People might laugh at her pink sails but she is determined to make it stylish and girly. They might treat her just like a book . If the cover doesn't catch the eyes they might refuse to read what is inside her but she refuses to be anchored at the harbour. Adventure and exploring are all what she needs .
And that is exactly what is behind “THE TALE OF PINK SEA SAILS!!! “

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