Sunday, 2 March 2014

I used to ask myself “why am I a huge fan of Taylor Swift?”… Of course certain lines from her songs inspire me & I can relate them to situations in my life. But in a different way.
“Someday I’ll be living in a big old city, why you gotta be so mean? “
“A simple complication, mis-communication lead to fall out “
“You held your pride like you should have held me “
“This is looking like a contest on who can act like they care less”.

Every time I listen to these lines I know for sure why most of us don’t share a good relation with our families, friends, relatives & neighbours

All of us are guilty in one way or the other for not keeping in better touch with our near & dear ones. Have you ever used the term “I’m too busy” to avoid your friend or a family member? Or are you really busy? Or is it just a code word that you use because you want to get rid of that other person from your life without hurting his/her feelings? A lot of friendships & relationships have broken due to lack of communications.

The present day technology has given us so many ways to communicate with a person or to just stop by & say “hey how you doing? “ . We have chosen these social networking sites as means to show our anger, hatred & jealousy. Ignore the other person’s text messages; do not confirm his/her request. Block, ‘unfriend’ your friend or family member… instead why don’t you be honest & say “when you do this/that it bothers me “. In the present day most of our lives are piled up with our own work & studies which can be stressful. Once again why can’t you be honest “I have work/exams today … can we reschedule something for this date/time? “. In this scenario the whole idea of “I’m too busy” seems like a flimsy excuse as each person is busy in his/her own way & it’s just a matter of priorities.

No matter how old you are or where you are people pick on you, they are mean to you or ignore you just because you are different or because they live in bigger cities or developed countries now, they feel that they need to block you out or they feel that they don’t want to say ‘hi’ to you anymore because they think need their time for people better than you. For a person like me it’s kind of tough & that’s when I feel like asking “someday even I’ll be living in a big old city, why do you have to be so mean to me or why do you want to ignore me?”

Just because simple complications & mis communications have kept us apart we hold our pride like we should hold on to each other & almost every day we play contests on who can act like they care less.  Instead of complaining that my brother/sister, my cousin, my friend or my partner doesn't understand my feelings, why don’t you tell him/her how you feel about it? In the end it would make the world a better place to live in.  All you have to do is give up the 

No matter how busy a man is, he is never too busy to stop by & talk about how busy he is!!

  signing off     HASTHA NARAYAN :) 

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