Saturday, 17 May 2014


Are you thinking that I have got some 'cool tattoo' on my finger ?! No ... I got a 'tattoo' on my left thumb that gave me a sense of pride . I had done my duty as the citizen of India .Yes!!! I casted my first vote.

17th of April 2014 .Thursday was declared a holiday. Brighter than the morning sun my voters' ID said I'm 21. I don't have to ask my parents anymore " how do you vote? " . I could make my own decisions. I could choose my leader. I felt responsible as a citizen.

India was gearing up for the elections . Few steps from where I live... right from the entrance, the polling staff including the security personnel were very much cooperative and well trained. I walked through the door that was numbered 54 & placed my finger on the lotus flower.

"On the first stroke of midnight ... when the clock strikes 12 India shall awaken to freedom ", said the former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru on the 24th of August 1947. But is India really free ? Are we actually experiencing our freedom of thought & expression ? Aren't we still fighting among ourselves in the name of religion and community ? Don't we differentiate between caste , creed & races ? These questions remain unanswered.  Above all we are still experiencing corruption , injustice , poverty & partiality . The youth & the poor are still exploited . Women are treated as liabilities to the society. In the end every Indian is still fighting for his/her rights.

When I said that I placed my finger on the lotus flower did it mean that I'm the strong supporter of a group ? No... It only meant that I'm a strong supporter of the man whom I thought would help India have a bright future. Even when it comes to choosing a leader we form groups & throw abusive words at each other. What about the concept "All Indians are my brothers & sisters ? ".

India needs a change and that change can only be brought by the people. Waiting in the queue to cast my vote made me feel empowered. Since we are in a democratic country, where the power lies with the common man, there's no reason why we shouldn't vote. 

The youth are the future of our nation. I don't belong to any political group . I belong to a group called 'YOUNG INDIA' . Few years from now watching India as a developed country would be a dream come true !!! 

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