Friday, 26 June 2015


A well known Chinese proverb says "If you don't want anyone to find out then don't do it" . Sometimes  you are not sorry that you did it but you are sorry that I found out.

Every time you watch a play on stage or a movie on big screen have you ever wondered what that might be like behind the scenes ?
Naturally, the movie on screen is totally different from the movie 'behind the scenes'.

Similar to something what we face in real life. You have frenemies , you have people saying things about you behind your back, 'so called friends' who betray you in every possible way. For a straight forward person to see how fake people are can end up being a pure pain.

Not every person who smiles at you or shakes hands with you is your friend. Not every person who accepts your friend request on facebook is your friend.
Liking someone is not as easy as hitting the 'like button' on facebook or quitting a group of friends who have betrayed you is not as easy as quitting a whatsapp group.  Not many of us have the ability to say 'NO' or accept a 'NO' from another person. We live in a world where we cannot be just ourselves.

When you are fake you are like the two faces of the same coin. When you are tossed people notice which side you show up. As the saying goes , " It's only during the bad phase of your life you realize who your real friends are " . So true right ? A bad phase is a point of time when your life seems interesting to everybody else except you. The greatest task is your ability  to include the person who is deserted , lonely and completely excluded. 

90% of the people are not friends with the people whom they once called their best friends either because one of them has played on the other or they are just uptight fakers. It's always towards the end we tell a person , " you have not seen the other side of me "or " I have changed ? The truth is you never knew me very well " .

As a blogger I don't know how many will read this and try to bring about a change or how many will stand up for the truth when there is something wrong happening right in front of their eyes or how many will read this and use it against the author herself ! 
I don't know . How can I ? After all it happens "Behind the Scenes ! "



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  2. Hastha that's very thoughtful and nearly explained.
    First of the world is very dynamic.. Everything changes right in front of our eyes (including our friends) but we do not notice it because we humans suffer from attentional blindness. We have limited attentional resources.. These gradual changes keep on happening right in front of our eyes but our eyes deceive us..
    Just like this above video, people change gradually..

    Our minds don't work the way we think they do. We think we see ourselves and the world as they really are, but we are actually missing a whole lot.
    Here is the another video that reveals, in a humorous way, how we see our world and about what we don’t see.

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  4. True that ... it's funny how people change colour at times ....... sometimes we do not notice but not always because i'm not sure if everything changes right in front of our eyes.......