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I'm a girl sailing away in search of tomorrow on every shore with girly pink sails learning to develop problem solving skills, battling crazy uncontrollable winds & rough waves .People might laugh at my pink sails but I'm determined to make it stylish and girly. They might treat me just like a book . If the cover doesn't catch the eyes they might refuse to read what is inside me but I refuse to be anchored at the harbour. Adventure and exploring are what I need. It's called the tale of pink sea sails. 

Friday, 11 December 2015


1)  Do you walk around with 
     'I don't bend for anyone!' or
     'I don't give a damn ! ' or 
     'I don't care' or
      'I don't mingle' 
      attitude . 
2)You think you are straight forward but do you realize that sometimes you are way too offensive.
3) Do you explode with anger or raise your voice when things are not the way you want them to be ?
4) Are you nervous or afraid when you have a date or a social event ?
5) Are you able to express your feelings openly or do u just get moody and take it on everyone around you at your workplace or classroom.
6) Are you nice to the people who are nice to you or do you just take them for granted ?

 If any of the above applies to you it suggests you are not being assertive. Assertiveness focuses on allowing you to be yourself but not getting your own way at any cost or at the cost of others. It is being positive and confident about yourselves when expressing ideas,opinions and facts.

For example
Consider yourself standing in line for a movie ticket outside the cinema hall. Somebody bypassed you. What would you do ?
1) Keep your mouth shut and do nothing. 
2) Yell at the person in front of everyone. 
3) Politely tell the person " Excuse me sir/ma'am there is a que. Please follow the line "
If you choose option 3 you know you are being assertive.

Communication verbal or non-verbal is an integral part of day to day life. Assertiveness helps to improve communication skills thus improving relationships and friendships. When you are assertive you will also be able to handle downfalls and hurt feelings and influences. When it's a 'NO' you should be able to say 'NO' in a polite manner without being guilty about it. 

Consider another example.
A group of friends text you and ask you to join them for lunch and you don't want to go. How would you reply ?
1) Force yourself to say 'yes' and go anyways.
2) Don't reply to the text message at all or reply 'NOPE' . 
3) Say " I would love to join you but guys I am a bit preoccupied today. Will definitely join you some other time. "

Once again if you choose option 3 you have been assertive.

Simple complications , miscommunication have led to misunderstandings and break ups. Why always wait for another person to make the first move ? Why can’t you make an attempt to keep in touch ? You don’t have to be a slave to someone but at the same time you don’t have to hurt another to satisfy your own ego. Being assertive includes being a good listener, communicating clearly, being able to stand up for yourself, able to say yes/no when you need to and above all accepting people the way they are. 

Assertiveness can not only help build interpersonal relationships but it can improve your individual image and contribute to the growth of the society as a whole.

Be fearless , Be honest , Be generous , Be brave , Be poetic , Be open , Be free , Be yourself , Be in love , Be happy , Be inspiration.  -BEYONCE

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