Monday, 28 November 2016


Kids , Adults or teens . We have all been hurt. We have all gone through some kind of emotional pain.  Sometimes  you wish your mind had a delete button and by clicking on it you could delete all the disturbing thoughts.  ‘Chuk it’ , ‘leave it’ , ‘let it go and move on’ ... These words are easier said than done.

What do we do with these hurt feelings ? I guess the decision is ours . We allow these hurt feelings  to make us bitter or better ? We can either shut ourselves down and let it destroy us completely or we can make a choice up-front to make space for new joy and happiness in our lives.

Over the course of time I have learnt that people are not always going to be there for you. We live in an age where we cannot count on our friends always . Of course not every person who shakes hands with you is your friend. The only person you can count on is ‘you’.  Instead of being a friend to you people are only going to exclaim about how awesome their friends are. Sometimes all you need is a ‘listening ear’. But you end up listening to empty words.

During a particular bad incident you notice people choose to be where there is money , power and fame. It’s human psychology. Very few stand up for you. Very few stand up for the truth.  In a situation like this you have to stop because even though you have everything sometimes you are absolutely broken from the inside.

The only option you have is to make the commitment to let it go . When you are filled with pain and hurt you cannot open up for anything new. The future seems very unclear.  Are you going to live the rest of your life like this ? Believe in time . It heals everything. No you are not going to forget a bad incident. But with time you will be able to live with this.

There is no use of resorting to the ‘blame game’ because you cannot always expect an apology from the other person. It’s like how the famous singer Selena Gomez says “ kill them with kindness”. It’s so true right ? Everyday we are all fighting to be right without realizing that every time we do this a small piece of us dies.

I can be sure of one thing out of personal experience. Often it’s not the incident that kills you. It’s the way the society treats you because of the incident. It’s like one bad incident overshadows all your positive qualities not matter how talented, smart,intelligent , caring and humble you are.

We will definitely make an effort to let it go but if there is one thing that you should know it's this :

 “Nobody deserves to be identified by the worst thing that has ever happened to them ( which is completely out of their hands) . There are so many other qualities to choose from “.

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