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I'm a girl sailing away in search of tomorrow on every shore with girly pink sails learning to develop problem solving skills, battling crazy uncontrollable winds & rough waves .People might laugh at my pink sails but I'm determined to make it stylish and girly. They might treat me just like a book . If the cover doesn't catch the eyes they might refuse to read what is inside me but I refuse to be anchored at the harbour. Adventure and exploring are what I need. It's called the tale of pink sea sails. 

Monday, 6 June 2016


 With the warm skies and rising sun high above you see people patrolling the streets with their shades on & shopping bags , boards and hoardings with 'up to 50% discount ' on new collections, new trailers are up so you know it's time to book tickets & grab your popcorn at big cinemas & cinepolis or maybe to visit the nearby ice-cream parlour. Parks and malls are flocking with teenagers and little children. Yes ! it's summer .

With summer comes all kinds of fun opportunities to enjoy the outdoors including boating. When the sun is on your face , the wind is in your hair and the spray is keeping you cool , it's easy to leave safety behind. As the weather heats up , families will seek refuge in the cool waters of their neighbourhood or backyard pools. 

In this popularly known 'season of the sun' , holiday breaks are on your mind. The beach is the plan for the day. With the sunscreen to protect them from harm and with sand between their toes people are seen walking and looking out across the bay with cold drinks taken by the bottle. The air is filled with the laughter of little children as they build sand castles or spot a dolphin across the sea with ice-cream melting down their arms.

The evenings are usually spent by enjoying the breeze & taking in all the local sights. The birds fall asleep , peepers start to peep & slowly the sun beams caressing the mountains turn them into splendorous fountains. A fire pit is perfect for roasting marshmallows in the backyard , warming up a cool evening on the patio or adding a decorative touch to your outdoor living room. 

Summer is the stuff of dreams. When we sit at our desks during the monsoons , we look out the window and dream of summer. It is the time of infinite fun that seems to last forever . It is the time of excitement & enhanced enjoyment of life. Somehow it is always over before we get a chance to fully experience it's power. This is true of all wonderful things. They always seem too short.

Well... what are you waiting for ??? Grab your wallets , car keys & hit the road ... it's time to beat the heat!!! ... Because winter will definitely ask you, "WHAT YOU DID ALL SUMMER ???!!! "

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